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Vouchers purchased today will expire on 30 Apr 2018.

You can pay online by credit card (using PayPal). You also have the option to pay by cheque or by credit card over the phone. If you pay online you are entitled to a 7-day "cooling-off" period on your purchase. There are no refunds on vouchers after this elapses. This does not delay the shipping of your voucher.

We will be sending correspondence to the e-mail address you give us, make sure that the person you're giving the voucher to doesn't use this e-mail address! Also, if that person uses this computer don't forget to clear the browser history when you are finished so this site doesn't show up. If you use PayPal, the charge will appear on your credit card as PAYPAL *ATLANTIC. Please add info@atlanticair.ie to your email address book or your spam whitelist to help ensure delivery of emails from us.

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Please place separate orders if you wish to give vouchers to more than 1 person.

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Electronic vouchers are available immediately after payment for you to download and print or e-mail.

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